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If there Olympiad, that Nike is to “lost medal”, unless the prize awarded to the last one. Between companies This year, Nike’s shares fell more than 10%, Goldman Sachs was named the 2016 Wall Street the Dow Jones index the worst performing stocks. This sporting goods giant the latest quarter sales have been less than expected, as the anticipation of the next quarter of an important indicator of current orders is equally disappointing. This is enough to make investors worried. Because Nike originally been high hopes, after all, the Olympic sporting event is the world’s attention, and Nike is one of the official sponsors, but the effect of stimulating sales is not obvious from the Olympic Games. Indeed, as in Olympic sponsorship spent on the price of the business, Nike Olympic marketing has been given priority. In the next few weeks, Nike will also get a lot of exposure, including athletes carried their equipment worn athletic, play multiple ads in the US National Broadcasting Company (NBC), and during the Olympic Games on social marketing platform, network media . Looking to drive sales Nike Olympic heat, also noticed the crisis, “a brother” status was challenged, strong recovery rivals Adidas and Under Armour enormous pressure being applied thereto. Nike’s revenue accounted for almost half of the North American market does not appear in the recent quarter sales growth in Western Europe and China, although Nike performance is still excellent, but it is difficult to maintain the Wall Street in the past used to see sales and revenue growth figures. In the Greater China market, Nike and Adidas disaggregated market ranked first and second. However, growth has been more than Nike, Adidas. Thanks to Stan Smith and NMD and other explosion models footwear sales, Adidas Greater China, has recorded more than two consecutive quarters of 30% growth. “And many consumer goods companies, the Chinese market is essential in terms of future development for Nike. As the American PC and Apple found, local companies often have certain advantages.” Analysis of Wall Street’s review site 24/7 Wall St. teacher Doug McIntyre believes that China’s domestic sports brand Li Ning and Anta will lead to more intense competition in the future. Prior to the August 4, due to poor sales, together with the global golf industry downturn, followed by Nike, Adidas also announced its withdrawal from the golf equipment market. As of the end of May this year, the 2016 fiscal year, sales of Nike Golf category fell 8.2% to $ 706 million year on year. In contrast, consumers are more interested in Tate Aires (Titleist), TaylorMade, Callaway (Callaway) Golf three franchise brands. However, Nike’s performance this year, the “worst” in the Dow, in fact, since last year’s performance “very good” and have greater contrast gap. By 2015, Nike’s stock price rose more than 30 percent last year to become one of the best in the Dow stocks. CNNMoney commented that the company now have to concentrate on keeping a brother status of the Chinese market, while highly Adidas and Under Armour attack US market rally.